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Welcome to my website. I hope you find resources and information to answer any questions you may have about spraying weeds and pests. I hope to helpĀ  anyone that wishes to control their own pests or the commercial sprayer that is looking for information and resources to improve the jobs for their customers.

My Time Growing Up

Growing up on a farm and ranch we had lots of problems with weeds and pests. My family raised sugar beets, potatoes, field corn, alfalfa and grass hay. We also had a garden and plenty of weeds around our outbuilding. It seemed like we were always busy hoeing, pulling, spraying or cutting weeds. The chickens took care of eating plenty of the bugs around our garden, and the pigs and sheep ate a lot of the weeds.

My family ran a couple flocks of sheep in the high country in the Summer months, then we would trail back to the low country and home in the Fall months. Then we would trail the sheep on to the desert in Utah for winter season. We were always fighting pests. With the sheep it was coyotes, mountain lions and bears and sometimes foxes and bobcats.Sheep Grazing Bookcliffs

Between farming and sheep ranching we always had plenty of pests and weeds to control. We did a lot of backpack spraying for noxious weeds, trying to keep them from spreading into our fields.

One of these weeds in our area was Russian Knapweed which is poisonous to horses. Our lambs were poisoned by sneeze weed in the high country. In the Spring sometimes during a really wet years the deathcamas would be really poisonous and it could kill a bunch of sheep at a time. There was plenty of poisonous plants for both cows and sheep.

Its not surprising I ended up being a big game outfitter and a commercial weed applicator. In lots of ways guiding hunters, watching the sheep, and spraying weeds was a lot of the same type of work. Farming and weed control was just a part of everything we learned growing up.

Becoming a Commercial Weed Sprayer

We triied to control these weeds by spraying, rotating crops, grazing and hand pulling. The government has also used different insects that work on certain weeds (biological control). All these different ways of controlling weeds would be called integrated pest management or IPM.Spraying Power Lines

I really started spraying noxious weeds on a huge ranch in Wyoming near Encampment. They had a major toad flax infestation and it was continually spreading. Then irrigating on a ranch in Aspen, Colorado I started spraying other ranches. This led to spraying for Mesa and Pitkin County and also the City of Grand Junction. I learned a lot spraying highways and county roads also flood drainages. After doing counties for a few years I started working for the gas companies, bare ground spraying compressor stations and pads and doing a lot of noxious weed spraying on pipelines. Since selling my company, I started another and have been doing lawns and ornamental and aquatic, cleaning the weeds out of canals, which I found really interesting.

We don’t need to eradicate every weed or pest to have control. Most the time we are just trying to keep the pest or weed in control, in a way we can live with. It would be hopeful we could eradicate the pest completely, but the truth is its difficult and almost impossible. Takes lots of time and money to eradicate a noxious weed or pest and you still need to check these areas year after year. More than one person told me, I had job security.


My Way of Helping You

Being a weed sprayer most of my life, there were lots of times I needed good information to make the best decisions, each job being different. It really helped to have good people that knew more than I did to call and get their input and help. Where to get the best information, and find the resources to spray a certain pest? Where to find the best equipment? How to find good help?Resources to help find a job in this area of work.Spray Rigs for Noxious Weeds

I also hope to help the do it yourself sprayer find information on pests and weeds.
If you have any suggestions, comments or questions please feel free to leave me a note.

All the best,





  1. Andy, Nice website, good information I did not know. This is a great platform to get ideas and information out there. I will be checking in from time to time to see new info. Thanks for creating this Five Stars

    • Virgil thanks for looking at my post, just put a new one up on cheatgrass control. if you get time tell me what you think.

  2. Hey Andy (Leal), really good intro. I think this is something many can use. Hope to see you soon!

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